Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who's reading?

Sometimes I wonder how many people read this blog. I can think of half a dozen friends and family (hi mom!) who have referred to something they saw here in the last year or so. Perhaps this half dozen constitutes the entire readership. Honestly, that's fine by me, especially after my good friend Jo reported the other day that she spent a good long while sampling Engaged while nursing Ruby, her beautiful four-month-old daughter. Poems and politics for friends, moms and babies. Absolutely, yes.


Devin T. said...

Me me me! I read every post. :)

balancing girl said...

me too! i'm subscribed, so I see every post when it's new. I look forward to poems and news.

(I use google analytics to track how many readers there are of my blog, and can even see what cities and countries people are reading from. You can sign up for free and it's not too complicated.)

jp said...

i added your blog to my rss feed. so now i see it too whenever you post. i have

jp in htown

Jeremy Orhan Simer said...

Thanks, friends.