Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No matter the color

all our blood
runs red

all our hair
turns grey

and when we close our eyes
the black night gives way
to dreams
and nightmares

Why take the bus stop that's two blocks farther?

Because each morning
steep Denny street
makes my lungs swell,
my heart pound
to the rhythm of rush hour
and dreams dissolving

because some afternoons
the black crooked-tail kitty
circles, purring as I crouch
to scratch behind her ears and chin

because these August days
the no-man's plum tree
hangs sweet black jewels
just out of reach -- gifts
for anyone who cares to climb.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New Nalgenes = Nasty

For years I've carried water bottles virtually everywhere I go, snazzy ones in bright colors, from the company known as Nalgene, an old standby for hikers and campers.

No more. Various studies have shown that the transparent, colored bottles from Nalgene, made from Lexan® polycarbonate plastic, have potentially terrible health effects. Check out the article "On the Trail of Water Bottle Toxins" for the evidence. Then throw away your transparent Nalgene bottle (plastic type no. 7) and get yourself one of the old school ones, made of opaque white plastic (no. 2), which are much safer.

"La gente aprendió a usar los medios y Oaxaca se transformó"

An article in La Jornada about "Un poquito de tanta verdad," the new documentary by Jill Friedberg (Corrugated Films)